Ludology, Slavery, and Win States Contextualizing Actions

So this summer I've been catching up on all the video games I didn't have the time to play during the school year. I made it through most of my backlog, Doom was absolutely fantastic, Pillars of Eternity was amazing, and Dishonored 2 was just as good as the first. But one game that stuck with me was Freedom Cry, a standalone DLC for Assassin's Creed 4. This game is possibly the most unintentionally dehumanizing piece of media I have ever seen. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

An Arrogant Acerbic Attempt to Acertain and Attack the Axioms found within the Problem of Induction

Bet you thought I'd do that Annoying Alliteration all the way through didn't you?

This week I finished "Language, Truth, and Logic" by Ayer. And I found myself remarking over and over "wow... this guy simultaneously loves and hates Hume." So, after finishing Ayer, I picked "An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding" back up, wondering if I'd get anything more out of it the second time through. And lo and behold, I did.

So here's my go at critiquing Hume.

Why Philosophy is More Than Instrumentally Useful

Whenever I tell people I study philosophy, the follow up question is usually a variation on "why?" In this essay I plan to defend my chosen field of study from the position that many of those people adopt, i.e. that philosophy has run its course and is now a useless archaic subject. I intend to show how many of these people unintentionally adopt the same position as a group of philosophers called "logical positivists," and plan to show the cracks and holes inherent to the worldview

I plan for this piece to serve as a quick primer on why philosophy is useful and why it should not be discarded like an old pair of socks.

Body image, Men, and an Auto-Biographical Tale

I would like to note before I start: This is not an MRA essay about how feminists are causing men to hate themselves and their bodies. There are plenty of those already. If that's what you're into, first of all what is wrong with you, and second of all, go somewhere else.

The Role of Ethicists, or Why Ethical Philosophy Might be Useless(but really isn't)

I still don't know if ethics(the field of study) should be singular or plural, and the internet doesn't know either. So oh well.

Activism and Internet Monetization, or Why The Internet Was a Mistake

Ok, maybe not a complete mistake. But you still shouldn't listen to social justice writers who are crowd-funded or make money through ads. And here's why.

The Vapidity of Self-Love as Championed on Social Media

I know, I know, the title is inflammatory, but I couldn't help myself. My actual point isn't as aggressive as the title may suggest, but still might ruffle a few feathers.