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Why Philosophy is More Than Instrumentally Useful

Whenever I tell people I study philosophy, the follow up question is usually a variation on "why?" In this essay I plan to defend my chosen field of study from the position that many of those people adopt, i.e. that philosophy has run its course and is now a useless archaic subject. I intend to show how many of these people unintentionally adopt the same position as a group of philosophers called "logical positivists," and plan to show the cracks and holes inherent to the worldview

I plan for this piece to serve as a quick primer on why philosophy is useful and why it should not be discarded like an old pair of socks.

Body image, Men, and an Auto-Biographical Tale

I would like to note before I start: This is not an MRA essay about how feminists are causing men to hate themselves and their bodies. There are plenty of those already. If that's what you're into, first of all what is wrong with you, and second of all, go somewhere else.

The Role of Ethicists, or Why Ethical Philosophy Might be Useless(but really isn't)

I still don't know if ethics(the field of study) should be singular or plural, and the internet doesn't know either. So oh well.