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An Analysis of Civilization 5's Values as Demonstrated via its Ludic Language

An Analysis of Civilization's Values as Demonstrated via its Systems I, like many people my age, enjoy video games. I also, like many people my age, enjoy thinking about things. But oddly enough I seem to hold different opinions about video games than many people my age. I view video games as sets of systems that encode values, typically the values of the culture in which they were created, and therefore as inherently political works of art. Many people, especially on Reddit and Twitter, do not share my opinion and view people who think about games like I do as damaging to the genre. Many people, when asked to think about the political implications of the games they consume, tend to react with "keep your politics out of my video games," a claim which presupposes the political neutrality of games. I think this reaction is natural, politics can feel like water to a fish sometimes, so natural that we barely notice it. But in this blog post I want to look at the water and s…